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We at Journey Chiropractic have only one thing in mind – your family’s health and happiness. We create an incredible healing experience even for the toughest of cases to give you and your family the quality of care you deserve. Some of the cases we are presented with and help daily include autism, epilepsy, special needs all the way through to prenatal care, well baby checks and family wellness care! Our neurologically-focused chiropractic care paired with a true patient-centered approach provided by our entire team is what truly sets Journey Chiropractic apart.

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Family Care

While the typical parent may always be exhausted, stressed, and burnt out, our care at Journey allows parents to routinely experience great sleep, more energy, emotional well-being, and better health like never before!

Pediatric Care

Journey Chiropractic’s specialty and clinical experience in pediatric care is what truly sets us apart. It allows us to continuously get incredible results with everything from colicky, constipated and fussy infants, to chronically sick kids, to sensory and spectrum challenges.

Prenatal Care

Journey Chiropractic’s clinical care and empowering support of mom’s from conception all the way through to postnatal care is truly exceptional. During the perinatal period the entire foundation of a family’s health is determined.

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No matter what has brought you or your family member into our office, our team at Journey Chiropractic will be ready to offer exceptional health care. Dr. Seth and Dr. Kirsi are obsessed with helping you reach your goals and live a healthier, happier life through chiropractic care. They are committed to finding the why behind the symptoms and delivering answers with a plan specific to the individual.

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Restore Your Health, Naturally

We seek to restore your health through corrective care, which involves spinal adjustments and rehabilitation completed in the office and at home in your own time. X-rays are taken at your initial visit and periodically throughout your care, so that you can see, not just feel, the changes we’re making in your body. When correction occurs, you can maintain that progress you’ve made and enjoy abundant health and well-being.

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New Patients

Discover Affordable, Quality Care

We want everyone to have access to the care they need, so we make a conscious choice to maintain the highest level of chiropractic care with the most affordable rates in the area. We accept all major credit cards and are happy to provide a superbill for reimbursement by your insurance.


Positive Reviews From Patients

Our patients love being here because of our empathetic manner and positive energy. Most people don’t think of a doctor’s office as a fun place full of approachable people. We believe that health care should be full of happiness and have a family-oriented touch. We think of our patients like our family, getting to know them on a personal level and having genuine care for each one.

We want to be part of your life, and you’ll feel like a part of ours, too.

I suffered from hip and back pain and could not sleep through the night for over a year. I have been taking my toddlers to them and they are seeing my whole family for wellness now! If you are looking for a thorough Chiropractic practice, look no further. Their initial exam is thorough and they do an excellent job overall! Both doctors are awesome and the office staff even helps with my little kiddos while I get adjusted. Very family friendly!
Tina H.
Current Patient
Growing up I regularly went to the chiropractor, however, none of the chiropractors I saw over the years were as helpful and forthcoming as Dr. Seth and Kirsi have been. I love how much explanation and insight into your health they provide. I think the field of chiropractic has evolved and improved a lot since my first experiences twenty years ago and Journey Chiropractic is well on top of the game!
Kassandra S.
Current Patient
Dr. Seth is amazing. He has given me my life back. I can now do all of the things I love without the fear of pain. He is knowledgeable, always telling me what he is doing and why he is doing it. His energy is incredible and contagious. Every time I go there I feel like more than just a patient. Him and his staff make you feel like an old friend that haven't see in a long time every visit.
Mindy W.
Current Patient
Dr. Seth and Darion are both wonderful to work with. They're very personable and love to make conversation with you. My care has been excellent from day 1 to present and my back pain has significantly reduced in both severity and frequency. I personally would recommend Journey Chiropractic to anyone who's looking for a personalized experience and superior chiropractic care.
Hunter K.
Current Patient


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