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We want your experience with Journey Chiropractic to be the best it possibly can be. To make things easier we have provided you with online forms to fill out before your initial visit. Click the link below to fill out and submit your forms before your first visit to the office.

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Every aspect of the care we provide at Journey Chiropractic is focused on the nervous system, and promoting what’s called neuroplasticity. What we mean by that is simply ensuring that the body’s most important system is able to rest, relax, grow, adapt and thus heal. Those five things are absolutely essential to everyone, from a brand new baby who’s supposed to be asleep more than awake, to children and parents who need every bit of rest, energy and resilience we can get in this crazy world.

As you’ll see with our thorough 5 step clinical process everything starts with our doctors taking the time to truly listen to your concerns, and digging deeper to find the true root cause of your health challenges. We work together to set goals for your care and obtain clinical insight with the most modern technology in the world. This allows us to truly assess exactly where the nervous system is exhausted, stuck on stress (subluxated), and not functioning properly.

The first step in our process is scheduling a consultation with one of our phenomenal doctors. What sets our doctors at Journey Chiropractic apart is that they look thoroughly into every case history and unlike other professionals out there, really listen by taking the time to find the root causes of you or your child’s health challenges rather than attempting to treat the already present symptoms.

Step two will take place immediately after your initial consultation. This incredible technology, called Insight Scans, allows us to do a deep dive into the function of the nervous system. This consists of 3 individual scans that will find, measure and quantify how much stress and tension may be stuck in you or your child’s nervous system.

The three main things these scans are looking for are subluxation, dysautonomia and vagus nerve dysfunction. All these terms just mean a stressed out, exhausted, and dysfunctional nervous system.

Step three consists of figuring out a precise, customized care plan that fits each individuals exact needs. This is a one of a kind neurologically based care planning system that allows us to be even more patient specific.

Our care planning system incorporates your unique case history findings (traumas, toxins, illnesses, etc.) along with your neurological exam, Insight Scan findings, and when necessary X-rays, to then be able to tell us exactly what frequency of adjustments and duration of care you or your child needs.

Step four is what we call your report of findings visit and it will be scheduled after your initial visit. This is when you will sit down again with one of our doctors and go over the Insight Scan findings, your (or your family member’s) personalized care plan, and every single question and concern you may have. This is such an exciting visit for families because they finally have a clear action plan and answers to get their own, or their child’s health and healing back on track!

Step five is the moment everyone waits for, the adjustments! The very first adjustment will take place directly after your report of findings. Every adjustment whether it is for your little one or for you yourself is safe, gentle and immediately gets to work on relieving tension and stress from the nervous system. As a parent bringing your child in, you will instantly feel at ease knowing all our adjustment are easy going, specific and of course neurologically focused. Our pediatric focused chiropractors will deliver the best care for you and your family.

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On the right-hand side, you can see the conditions we can help with and how often we have see them in our experience. There are tons of more conditions we can help with, but the ones listed are the top five. If you’re experiencing any of these, give us a call!

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Now that you’ve found Journey Chiropractic, you are probably thinking, “Okay I’m interested and excited! Where do I go from here?” Many of our patient’s are referred in by friends and family who we’ve had the privilege of taking care of, others referred in by their medical doctors, midwives, doulas and other various professionals. Still others have stumbled across our office on their journey toward better health and greater well-being , either for themselves or their little one, on their own. No matter how people have found us, the stay because what they receive is top quality care. We can’t wait to serve you and your family!

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